In the free version of free-invoice you will already find some forms, in the Pro version for 1 € per month you have all the forms at your disposal. If you need your own Formuare, we will gladly make them very cheaply for you especially.

Examples of our forms

You can set the forms according to your language and sometimes you can define your own fields depending on the form. 

I need a special form

On request, we can create a special form exactly for your needs. Just ask us, you will get your personal form starting from 50 Euros.

Your suggestions

Do you have any suggestions for a form? We ask for your help, just send us your idea, and if it makes sense, we will gladly supplement our forms with your idea. 

What more?

These features you get for free

products managment

Add your products into the database and you access them easily

analize your data

Dashboard for having an overview over your invoices and payments


tax rates

choose your own tax rates

clients management

add your clients and access them easily when you write your invoice

invoice management

all your invoices are stored into the database so you easy access them

payment management

you can add payments to your invoices so you have always an overview over the outstanding payments


choose your own currency

invoice number

you can choose at which number the system starts, as well you can add a prefix for the invoices

invoice colour

choose your own invoice colour


in the pro version you can add your own logo to the invoices

easy writing invoices

never it was easier to write invoices


in the pro version there will be backups from your invoices 

You want to start?