Terms and conditions

To provide the best services we need you to follow our rules and guidelines.

User-Supplied Content 

We allow all services be used for lawful purposes only. 

free-invoice.net is not obligated to monitor the network to examine all available content. Therefore we have the right to remove or deny access to unacceptable, offensive, undesirable, indecent, obscene violent content. 

All illegal activity or content is forbidden. Here are some examples: 

Pirated Software (Warez)

Copyright Violations


Network Security 

Not allowed are attempt to circumvent user authentications or security of any host, network or account. Users who violate systems or network security will incur criminal or civil liability. 

Server Resources 

If an account uses a high or unfair amount of server resources will have to option to upgrading their service level or reducing the resource, or suspend the service

Background Running Programs 

Background daemons in general are prohibited. free-invoice.net . will consider requests on a per-application basis. If allowed, extra charges will be assessed based on resource requirements for system maintenance. 

Background Deamons are prohibited in general. If you wish to user these services contact us please. 


IRC and IRC Bots are not allowed. 

Commercial Advertising/Mass Mailings/UCE/SPAM 

Domain name 

We register Domain registration and renewal on your behalf. 

If you want to transfer a domain to other provider its possible, but we not refund any domain costs.  

free-invoice.net reserves the rights for refuse or cancel services. Violation of any of free-invoice.net rules result in suspension or account termination. Accounts can be terminated for any or no reason without any prior notice. 


The client agrees that it will protect, indemnify, save and hold free-invoice.net harmless from any stipulations, liabilities, losses, expenses and claims including reasonable attorneys fees assessed against free-invoice.net, its agents, customers, officers, employees, shareholders, directors etc. 

The client agrees to defend, indemnify and hold free-invoice.net harmless against liabilities arising out of any injury to person or property caused by any products sold or distributed in association with free-invoice,net and material furnished by customer infringing on the proprietary rights of a third pary, and copyright, trademark patent, or other property violation and any defective products sold to a customer from free-invoice.net 


If any one or more sections of these terms and conditions should ever be determined to be illegal or invalid or otherwise unenforceable by reason of any law, stature, regulations, or public policy, the section shall be limited or severed and deleted from these terms and conditions, and the remaining sections of these terms and conditions shall survive and remain in full force. 

Customer’s Sole Remedy 

The entire liability and customers exclusive remedy of “company” shall be the refund of up to thirty (30) days of service. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

free-invoice.net offers a money back guarantee for all our services excluding domain orders or custom made orders  for the first 30 days of service. Services like domain orders are custom made products which can not use money back guarantee. 

Customer Requested Cancellation 

The client agrees to notify us of request to cancel at least 20 days prior to the next bill date. 


Backups are only included in the services in the specified packages. However we are not responsible for loss of customer data. The customer is advised to make backups on a regular basis. 

Force Majeure 

In case of fire, explosions, storm, flood, electrical blackout, heat or cold, war, rebellion, terrorist act, strike or accident to machinery (force majeure) free.invoice.net is not responsible. 

Domain Policy

free.invoice.net renews registration of the domain name prior to its expiration, provided that the registrant of the domain complies with our terms of payment.

If a domain registration is not renewed by the registrant, we send an additional expiration notice. 

We send notifications of expiration via email before expire. 

free-invoice.net acts solely as intermediary between the domain owner and the domain registry.

More information you can get here:




Domain Registration Agreement

This domain registration agreement is between free-invoice.net and our clients. By using our service you agree to all terms and conditions of this agreement.

The client need to provide us with accurate contact details as.

We not guarantee that you really can register a domain name, even if our system shows the name is available.

We are not responsible for errors in the domain name registration. 

The client agree to pay us the applicable service fee. Our fees can be found on our website.

All fees payable are non-refundable even if the domain registration is suspended, cancelled or transferred prior to the end of your registration term.

All domain registrations are necessary to comply with the requirements form ICANN. 


free-invoice.net will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer, makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied for services we provide, disclaims any particular purpose, this includes loss of data failed backups, failed hardware, and service interruptions. We have the right to amend or update these policies without notice. 

Confidentiality Statement 

free-invoice.net keep strictly confidential all data from the clients. We not share or release the information to any individual entity or third party except as required by law. All information provided to us is well stored all times by our staff members only.